Inclusions add interest to bakery and confectionery products. Examples are rice crisps in chocolate, crushed nut pieces in caramel, or chocolate chips in cake batter. What these products have in common is that they are sensitive to temperature and / or shear changes. TFT developed the RotoBlender specifically to gently blend or fold the dry particles into the base product. Its typical design guarantees an even distribution of the inclusions while maintaining the structure and texture of your product. A loss-in-weight feeder can be added that doses the inclusions proportionally.


Dynamic Ingredient Blender


The TFT-RotoBlender is designed to blend-in dry ingredients or inclusions into an aerated or tempered mass. By gently folding the dry inclusions are blended into the liquid part, not damaging aeration or temper by shear or mechanical impact. In combination with (mass) flow measurement and loss-in-weight dosing technology (for the dry part) your recipe can be made in-line in a continuous way. Typical examples are fruit parts or chocolate chunks into a cake batter, peanuts into a nougat type bar filling or crispies into a marshmallow.


  • The RotoBlender folds the inclusions gently into the liquid product with the minimal product damage
  • High accurate recipe control by loss-in- weight technology
  • Many type of dry inclusions can be handled : from powders (flour, sugar) to broken nuts/chocolate chunks or even fruity parts (IQF)
  • Fully CIP-able design (uniqe for this type of equipment)
  • Unit can be fully integrated in TFT control software and tempering/mixing solutions

Static Mixer

The TFT static mixers are designed to mix a color or flavor homogeneously into a (aerated) mass. The static mixer can be in jacketed execution for temperature control. The static unit is a good, maintenance free and economical interesting alternative for many confectionery products.


  • A good alternative for in-line mixing of foamy products like coloring, flavoring marshmallows
  • A lower investment comparing to dynamic mixers
  • Easy implementable in existing pipework


In-Line Blending/Mixing System


In the entire food industry we recognize a trend to produce neutral product (base or mother product without coloring or flavoring) and give the final product its own identity as close to depositing point (production line) as possible. This method reduces waste and abbreviate change-over times. For in-line mixing TFT manufactures a wide range of equipment: from high accuracy pumping units up to inline mixers, both dynamic and static.


  • A good solution for in-line mixing also when viscosities widespread
  • A good solution for temperature and sheer sensitive products
  • In-line mixing replaces batch mixing and reduces product loss and down time
  • Fully CIP-able application
  • Easy change overs between different recipes



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