New Era Machines


Since 1956 New Era Machines has maintained the tradition of rising to meet the challenges of international standards, demands and quality parameters. With customers across the glove, NEM is a leading manufacturer of automated production lines for the biscuit industry and is capable of executing turn key projects for biscuits and cookie production.

By sharing experiences with our customers, we have accumulated a wealth of know-how by which we offer superior machine design that gives higher production efficiency. Our standards have become the yard stick for customer satisfaction. What makes the difference is not just the build quality of our lines but also the most advanced technology delivered at competitive pricing for fully customized products that match and exceed the customers’ demands. This allows us to finely balance the capex involved and technology desired. As of today, our machines are running round the cock across NA, EU, Africa and Far East Asia.

New Era Machines does not depend on any third-party for manufacturing requirements. Most advanced specifications and latest technology are a reflection of NEM. In house design, research & development,modern and sophisticated manufacturing facilities are supported by a skilled team of engineers that keeps up with the customer demands and deadlines. This is backed by an efficient after sales support that allows NEM to transcend its competitors.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of New Era Machines Pvt Ltd to provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, contracts, and industry standards. The specifications of our production program must reflect an edge of the latest available technology while ensuring customer requirements.

This is achieved through commitment to precision, quality, innovation, time to market and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Maintaining fully integrated Quality Management systems
  • Designing products of the highest quality in the most efficient and cost effective manner
  • Employing statistical techniques to ensure quality is built into our products and services
  • Involving the participation of all employees in the process of continuous improvement.



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