Scrap Lift Conveyor, Scrap Return, Scrap Distributor










  • This unit is to take off scrap from the sheeting coming from Rotary Cutting Unit.
  • The scrap lifted from this unit is delivered to a narrow inclined conveyor on the non operator side which takes it back to dough feed hopper.
  • The return point can be foreseen with a reciprocating distributor to uniformly distribute the scrap being returned across the width of the processing system.


  • Separates scrap from product and transfers it to a cross conveyor
  • which further delivers to scrap return system for re processing.


  • Pneumatic Actuator to lifting and running positions.
  • Light barrier for operator’s safety in case of pneumatically actuated lifting conveyor.


  • PLC System with Centralized HMI display
  • Recipe Management System



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