Pneumatic Cutter

If the task is simple and the speed is low,the OKA pneumatic cutter Type HK-P is a low-budget alternative to more complex systems. This cutter is simple and very cost-effective.


Guillotine Cutter

The servo-controlled cutting system Type HK-E offers 2 independent drives for knife lifting and following motion allowing a precisely controlled cut with accuracy in 1/10mm steps, If needed up to 1,000 cuts/minute.


Water-Jet Cutter

The water-jet cutting system Type HK-W is the most complex cutting system where the cutting application cannot be accomplished with standard cutting solutions. The cutting media typically is water but where needed can also be coconut butter or other liquid materials.



The slitting station is equipped with circular blades to allow slab cutting. The station can be upgraded with precise slab-tracking allowing trim-free set-ups.

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