The TFT-RotoPlus Continuous Aerator Family: TFT-RotoPilot RP50

The TFT-RotoPLus continuous aerator family starts with benjamin, the TFT-RotoPilot RP50. A bench top unit designed for R&D and research environments but also suitable for small scale production. The mixing head is designed in such a way to match with the bigger production units. Results are easy translatable to production parameters and tests can be done without interfering with your production schedule. Continuous aeration starting at a 5 kg/hr throughput is a useful tool in your development department and is replacing the bench top planetary (that is not giving us the required results).


  • Although bench top, this is a full functioning continuous aerator
  • Ability of doing continuous aeration trials at 5 kg/hr throughput only
  • Fully representative for the bigger TFT production units
  • Range from 5 kg/hr up to 50 kg/hr



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