Cleaning of your production line must be very adequate and easy. Protection of your product quality is priority. Cleaning-in-place (CIP) offers the solution. TFT provides two possibilities: an integrated CIP-pump in the tempering/aeration system, or a single central machine to auto-clean several process lines. We have taken great care of the design of all cleaning equipment. Materials and surface finish are to FDA standards, guaranteeing no residual is left behind.

The integrated CIP-pump in our tempering and aeration systems creates a high velocity and turbulence in the pipe work and equipment. When you have a number of machines that need to be cleaned, a central, multi-functional CIP system is interesting. Our CIP system prepares the cleaning liquid in advance and auto-cleans the various process lines.

Executed with PLC and HMI touch screens and equipped with an automatic self-cleaning cycle so the CIP unit cleans itself when necessary. TFT central CIP systems consist of:

  • Pre-rinse tank, single walled
  • Cleaning tank, insulated with heating
  • Final rinse tank
  • Steam heated plate heat exchanger, to heat up water in the cleaning tank
  • Detergent injection system with measuring sensor
  • Disinfectant injection system with measuring sensor
  • High velocity CIP pump, to supply possible various process lines
  • High velocity CIP return pump, to return CIP water to the unit
  • Advanced programming




If automated, clean-ability of the line is extremely important. TFT can supply an individual CIP system together with the production equipment. The CIP system consists of several tanks filled with different types of water at different temperatures (rinsing, detergent, after rinsing, after rinsing, detergent). When the operator selects the CIP (stored in HMI as recipe) the complete production system is cleaned fully automated without any human interference.


  • Fully automated system
  • CIP system can be used to validate your food safety or quality program
  • Sensors are standard part of the system to measure water quality, pH and can determine if the cleaned equipment is free of detergent
  • Stand alone equipment that can be used to clean multiple production lines
  • Rinsing water can be re-used



Easy Clean

Our philosophy is that every food production system needs to be cleaned sooner or later. When the investment for the stand alone CIP system is not feasible, most production equipment is executed with easy cleaning CIP on board. This system works more or less the same as the stand alone system with the difference of how we use the tanks (pre mixer, buffer tank) as holding vessels of the water. High capacity/velocity CIP pumps generate a high flow of water through the piping to clean the system. Also the easy clean systems can be upgraded to the point where sensors are installed into the system as a safety for detergent residue.



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