Egan Food Technologies offer chocolate molding equipment for companies of all sizes – from a beginning chocolatier to a large food processing factory. The heart of their molding plants is the PLC/Servo controlled depositor, which optimizes center-to-shell ratios and overall product weights. Plus, they’re built to meet your needs now and can be easily adapted for your future growth, making their mold plants a cost-effective solution.

All Egan chocolate Molding Plants can be customized with indexing or continuous chain circuits. For customers with existing circuits, they can build custom depositors to fit those circuits, regardless of original manufacturer.


Chocolate Molding Plant

Egan Food Technologies’ Chocolate Molding Plant features a two-axis depositor, a continuous chain circuit and opposite end de-molding for high outputs of up to 25 molds per minute.


One-Shot Depositor






Egan Food Technologies’ One-shot Depositor on a loose mold conveyor is ideal for chocolate makers requiring additional automation, such as mold shaking.


Unit Depositor













Ideal for manufacturing solid products, products with inclusions, chips and wafers, Egan Food Technologies’ Unit Depositor has a mold size width up to 600mm and can be designed to fit existing molds. It also functions as an entry level molder or test lab unit for larger processors.



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