Star-Coat “Universal” Enrobers
(available from 16-90 inches wide)


The STAR-COAT “universal” series of sanitary enrobing equipment for chocolate, compound, and caramel coating applications for confectionery, baked goods, ice cream, nutrition bars, etc. are designed to produce top quality coated products, have low operating cost, and allow for easy cleaning and changeovers. While available for small, medium and large production capacities, all of these machines have a number of key benefits and features in common:

  1. The precision enrobing system applies coating uniformly, at constant target weights across the belt.
  2. Active temper maintenance system controls both the temperature and pre-crystallization degree of the chocolate, resulting in a stable viscosity for 24/7 production, high gloss and excellent heat resistance for storage.
  3. Continuous filtration of main coating circuit to ensure continuous curtain and remove any foreign or undesired particle matter.
  4. Easy to operate with a logical operator interface for easy training and reproducible parameter settings.
  5. Flexible standard design with ample room for additional process features such as an additional blower, post bottomer, etc.

Designed according to the latest GMP standards, our enrobers need minimum operator attendance and are very easy to clean and maintain.  All internal parts can easily be accessed or removed thanks to the removable chocolate trough with optional onboard tempering unit, coupled with pull-out bottoming station and curtain trough, all of which can be wheeled to a wash-down area on the available cart.  The chocolate trough can be stored in a heated docking station where the chocolate is kept at a temperature to allow quick start-up when returned to the enrober.  The main circuit filtration system can be cleaned and exchanged without interrupting production. It guarantees a uniform, continuous curtain at all times, prevents chocolate build up issues at the detailing unit, and ensures that the product is suitable for final packaging.


STARCOAT Standard Enrober
(with removable tank system)






STARCOAT Easy Access Enrober
(with removable tank and removable wire mesh system)



STARCOAT Easy Access Enrober
(with bypass belt)












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